Friday, August 18, 2006

Spring 2.0 form tags

I like the Spring's form tags. It just does what it what I wanted. Registered a custom date editor in the controller and used Spring's select tag for the date selection instead of input to a text box.

<form:select path="">
  <c:foreach var="date" begin="1" end="31" step="1">
    <form:option value="${date}"></form:option>

<form:select path="birthDate.month">
  <c:foreach var="month" begin="0" end="11" step="1">
    <form:option value="${month}" label="${1+ month}"></form:option>

<form:select path="birthDate.year">
  <c:foreach var="year" begin="45" end="106" step="1">
    <form:option value="${year}" label="${1900 + year}"></form:option>

  <spring:bind path="account.birthDate">
  <span class="error">${status.errorMessage}</span>
Doing forms for date inputs used to be a pain with Struts.

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