Thursday, August 31, 2006

Using the Display Tag with external sorting and paging

I was comparing between using using Value List Handler and the Display Tag Library to do sorting and paging of my web appliaction's result sets and decided on using the Display Tag Library for it's much simpler configuration and because of the latest release's external sorting and paging features. Created a helper class to get the parameters provided by the display tag to pass to the DAOs, otherwise the code in the controller/action gets a litlle messy. Here's pieces of what i did.

In the JSP

In the controller (I'm using Spring MVC)

In the DAO

Currently the banner does not show correct values. e.g if u have 10 as the page size, it should show 1-10 for first page, 11-20 for second page. But it always shows 1-10 for all the pages. However, this will probably be fixed in next release.


  1. Hi
    I am using extenal paging in my display tags.when i am clicking the next button shown in the tag,its fetching data based on the startPosition value.But after that there is no previous butto to go back to the previous records..How to overcome it..Plz help
    Thank You

  2. Hi,

    You need to add the partialList attribute in your display:table tag and set it to "true"

    e.g. <display:table partialList="true" ...... >

    Hope that helps.